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Hamas leader: ‘God has decreed we must attack Tel Aviv’

Cleveland Jewish News 06 Jun 2021
Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, told a group of students and academics in Gaza on Saturday that the terrorist organization has the capability to demolish Tel Aviv and that Israel had only destroyed 3 percent of Gaza’s tunnel network during “Operation Guardian of the Walls” last month ... “Israel has failed to destroy our capabilities to resist it.

Hamas Leader Threatens: We Can Demolish Tel Aviv

Hamodia 06 Jun 2021
Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, told a group of students and academics in Gaza on Saturday that his terrorist organization has the capability to demolish Tel Aviv and claimed that Israel only destroyed 3% of Gaza’s terrorist tunnel network in the latest conflict ... “Israel has failed to destroy our capabilities to resist it.

Israel Has Set a New Standard for the Ethics of War

The Algemeiner 01 Jun 2021 – Despite everything you may have been reading or hearing these last few weeks, Israel has delivered the greatest moral miracle in the history of warfare. The conduct of the Israel Defense Forces vis-à-vis the protection of civilians on both sides has no equal or precedent. Indeed, Israel has set a new standard for the ethics of war.

We support Israel and peace. It’s Hamas that wants a war (Guest Opinion)

The Post-Standard 01 Jun 2021
Hundreds of Hamas rockets, falling short in Gaza, have killed scores of Palestinians, and yet so many have shamefully and reflexively rooted for the side with the higher body count! Israel builds shelters, while Hamas builds a “metro” of tunnels for moving its fighters and sheltering its leaders.

Letters to the Editor June 2, 2021: Early to bedlam

The Jerusalem Post 01 Jun 2021
Instead of addressing truly horrific human rights issues around the world, it obsessively focuses virtually all its attention on bashing Israel.  ... Some among the great mass of the undecided and ill-informed may still be susceptible to the truth about Israel. .

The great jab giveaway: enticements offered to boost vaccine take-up

RTE 31 May 2021
High flying ... High rise ... Getting high ... New Yorkers were offered free seven-day metro passes with their vaccine. Free drinks. Israel has managed one of the world's highest vaccination rates and unvaccinated citizens were susceptible to high rates of FOMO - fear of missing out - because many bars, gyms and restaurants reopened for the vaccinated only ... .

Police chief in Michigan apologizes for liking Facebook post supporting Israel

Finger Lakes Times 30 May 2021
DETROIT — After facing criticism from some in the Arab American community, Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad has apologized for liking a Facebook post that showed support for Israel ... Also this week, a coalition of Black and Jewish leaders in metro Detroit issued a statement of strong support for Israel, criticizing Hamas.

IDF Answers Hamas “Victory” Narrative

Hamodia 27 May 2021
liquidation of a number of its top operatives, destruction of three dozen rocket production facilities, and elimination of over 60 miles of Hamas tunnels in the Gaza Strip, which Israel dubbed “the metro.” This rendered an estimated third of the group’s underground infrastructure, according to the IDF.

My Word: The wash, rinse, repeat war

The Jerusalem Post 27 May 2021
The 11-day Operation Guardian of the Walls, when Israel responded to the massive rocket barrages that started with seven missiles aimed at Jerusalem on May 10, seemed in many ways a repeat performance of the previous mini-wars in which Hamas terrorists attacked Israeli civilians ... Sadly, some of the best did so at Israel’s expense.

For Israelis, One More Battle in a Forever War for Survival

The Algemeiner 26 May 2021
Rockets are launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, May 12, 2021 ... The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) surgically struck Hamas’s military infrastructure, along with the “Metro,” the elaborate and expensive tunnel network running underneath Gaza which Hamas fighters had trained to utilize in the event of an Israeli ground incursion.

Inside Hamas's tunnel complex

The Spectator 26 May 2021
In the wake of its ceasefire agreement with Israel, Hamas has again attempted to paint itself as a struggling resistance movement against an occupying force ... During this latest conflict, the Israel Defence Forces destroyed more than 60 miles of these tunnels, known as the ‘Metro’.

Auschwitz survivor, 97, flooded with abuse from TikTok trolls praising Hitler

Metro UK 24 May 2021
‘Not one of the TikToks have been political nor mentioned Israel.’ ... The abuse comes as social media has seen a spike in anti-Semitic abuse following the latest Israel-Gaza conflict – which killed more than 250 people, mostly Palestinians ...Stop doing what Hitler did to you’ and ‘Israel, the new Nazi state’.

'Metro' in firing line of Israel strikes on Gaza

Manila Standard Today 24 May 2021
Israel said throughout its 11-day Gaza bombing campaign that a prime target was the "metro" tunnel network that allowed militants of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas to launch thousands of rockets ... Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed Israel's bombardment of Gaza as an "exceptional success".

Boy, 5, who is sole survivor of cable car disaster lost both parents and brother

Metro UK 24 May 2021
The boy, from Israel, had been living in Pavia, near Milan, with his family and they travelled together in a cabin up the Mottarone mountain when its cable apparently snapped, sending them plunging 65ft to the ground ... The Israeli embassy is working to help repatriate the bodies to Israel.